5 Criteria for evaluating a beautiful skin & How many criteria have you achieved?

Lâm Quang Triết
Th 3 20/07/2021

Every woman concerns about "How to get a glowing skin?", but we also wonder what is a "beautiful skin", what criteria to evaluate a heathy and radiant skin.  

Let's take a look at these evaluation criteria for your skin with Venesa!


Smooth skin is expressed through the following factors: soft-touched feeling of the skin, flat surface and oil-free skin with a good metabolism on the surface.

The smoothness of the skin will be obtained when we have a healthy lifestyle. Hence, the skin has the ability to eliminate toxins on its own, remove dead cells, thereby making a smooth and acne-free skin.

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However, it might be impossible to get a smooth skin if our skin is not cleansed properly.  Deep cleanse is vital for a healthy and smooth skin because the accumulated dirt on the surface of the skin can lead to oily skin, making the pores larger and causing a bumpy skin. To avoid this to happen, it is important to deep cleanse your skin by using makeup remover and cleanser, with suitable moisturiser to limit the oiliness.

How do we know if we have a smooth skin?

Let's use the fingertips, lightly touch the skin on the face, gently move around and feel the smoothness of skin surface. If the skin surface is not smoothed, the skin might still exceed oil, but don't worry this problem can be completely overcome.

2. Skin Firmness 

Firm skin must ensure the following factors: feeling smooth and elastic to the touch, less wrinkles on the skin, balance of moisture and oil on the skin, fresh skin tone.

The basic factors that create the firmness of the skin are moisture, oil and nutrients that nourish the skin. Adequate hydration will make the skin more supple, the oil will help leave that water on the skin from evaporating, and the remaining nutrients will help maintain that firm skin.

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Keeping skin moisturized is very important in maintaining firm skin. Therefore, do not forget to protect the skin from the sun to avoid damaged and dehydrated skin. .

How can we check our skin firmness? 

Place your hands on the skin to be tested, pull slightly outward to see if the wrinkles really disappear when you do that movement. Wrinkles are a sign that the skin is dehydrated,  stretching and forming wrinkles. Simultaneously use the fingertips to gently press the skin areas to check the firmness.


Bright white skin needs to ensure the following factors: smooth skin and even skin tone. Hence, the skin needs to get enough hydration. Also, removing dead skin cells and the body's detoxification mechanism must be ensured.

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Especially when the skin is dehydrated,  it becomes dull. Hence, the skin lacks vitality, making difficult to brighten skin. To improve skin brightness, it is important to choose the right skin care products such as serum, essence, lotion, etc. Besides, a healthy diet is a must, such as avoiding alcohol, and unhealthy fast foods.

How to check skin brightness?

Look at your skin in the mirror, see if the overall face has achieved brightness, the complexion must be bright, fresh, without uneven areas. Use your hands to gently move from the eye area to the temple to see the skin twice, if that area does not feel warm and a little "squeaky" when moving, it's time for everyone to exfoliate.


Elastic skin needs to ensure the following factors: plump skin structure and when pressing hands on the skin, the skin feels elastic, less wrinkles appear in the eye area, corners of the mouth.

Our skin is like a balloon, when young, it is inflated. Youthful skin has good elasticity. However, the dermis gradually becomes weak. The cells become brittle and lose elasticity. To keep the skin elasticity, do not hesitate to provide enough moisturise for the skin, and frequently apply facial lifting massage.

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How to test skin elasticity?

Using thumb and index finger, pull the cheek skin below the eye, if you can pull a lot of meat and no pain, it shows that the skin has good elasticity, but if people can't pull a lot of meat , that area of ​​skin exposed blood vessels indicates thin, less elastic skin.


Sufficient moisture skin meets the following criteria: less excess oil, soft skin surface, good elasticity due to adequate hydration. Moisture is very important for the skin, so remember to always provide enough moisture for your skin.

No one can deny the role of moisture on the skin. Never forget to moisturise your skin. For oily skin, the balance between moisture and water needs to be paid more attention, oily skin will need to supply more water to avoid causing suffocation and excessing oil.

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How to test skin moisture?

Place your hand on your cheek, with your thumb in the space behind your ear, and slowly let go. If people feel the skin on your cheeks stick to your palm, this means that your skin is moist enough. This skin area, if it lacks moisture, is often very fragile, the skin is prone to dryness, peeling, and scaling.



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