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Everyday use facial cleansing machine

Everyday use facial cleansing machine


If you are a beauty follower, you must have heard beauty bloggers say all day that if you absolutely must invest in a beauty tool, it is best to invest in a facial cleansing machine. As a "savior" for the skin, the cleansing machine not only successfully completes the task of cleaning the skin effectively but also turns the daily face-washing task into a small enjoyment for those trendy girl. But if you abuse the cleansing machine, will it be counterproductive? Let's find the answer with V-Care right below!



Uses of the machine

No one can deny the divine uses of a facial cleansing machine. Which is to deep clean pores, control sebum and acne, gently exfoliate to help improve skin pigmentation, massage to stimulate blood circulation for youthful, rosy skin, repel signs of aging, and also supports skincare nutrients in the following steps to penetrate deeper into the skin and maximize effectiveness.


Notes to know when using a facial cleansing machine


Although the cleansing machine is very good, anything overused is counterproductive. If being used too much or improperly, it can inadvertently cause the skin to become pressured and damaged, sensitive. The following small notes will help people classify and understand their skin better in order to build their own cycle of using a face wash in the most appropriate way!


Cleansing machine capable of exfoliating:


One of the features that contributes to the reputation of facial cleansers is the ability to gently exfoliate. The soft silicone brush heads combine with the vibrating motion to create the right friction to help remove the dead stratum corneum (the outer layer) on the skin's surface. However, not all skin is strong enough to endure this daily. The recommendation for acne skin and skin using Retinol is that using a face wash can cause irritation, thinning and premature aging.



Don't worry when your skin pushes acne!


According to Dr. Jason Emer, it is very normal to use a facial cleansing machine and get pimples. This will last for about 2 weeks. Accompanied by acne, the skin will peel more and appear to become much more degraded. However, after that, the pores will become clear and the acne-pushing will gradually disappear, replaced by smoother, ruddy skin. On the market today, there are also many facial cleansers for sensitive skin, so don't worry if your skin is difficult to please.


Clean brush head regularly


It sounds natural, but many people subjectively skip this step because they think that when they use a washing machine, the face is clean, so the machine is also clean. Totally wrong! Even if it comes in contact with face wash and water, the dampness in the bathroom is also a breeding ground for mold.



After use, wash the brush head with your fingers in a circular motion under the tap and from time to time you should soak the brush head in alcohol solution to disinfect, otherwise the environment of the face wash brush head will become a "home" for bacteria.


In short, no matter how "divine" it is, the safest frequency of use should only be 2-3 times a week for normal skin and 1-2 times a week for sensitive skin.