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Large pores make the skin not smooth and very difficult to apply makeup. In fact, enlarged pores are due to the size of the hair follicles. Normal people, whether male or female, need to reduce excess oil and sebum through these hair follicles. Therefore, in areas of the skin where the sebaceous glands are active (forehead, nose, chin, ...) the larger the hair follicles, the larger the pores. When dead skin or sebum is excreted from the skin without being cleaned in time, they clog the pores. Hence, this congestion causes hair follicles making the skin break out.

To reduce large pores, you can apply 3 simple steps as follow:

1. Exfoliate 

Maintain the habit of exfoliating 1-2 times per week to help remove sebum, dead skin accumulated on the skin. This step also limits the ability to clog pores - the cause of acne and enlarged pores. Besides, it is vital to choose exfoliation that is suitable for your skin type and not to be hard on your skin. Besides, after exfoliation, it is necessary to use moisturizer, mineral spray to balance the skin hydration.

2. Excess oil control

Overcoming the condition of the skin with excessive oil secretion will reduce the load on the clogged pores. To control the amount of oil on your face, you need to adjust a healthy lifestyle and eating habits. Besides, it is necessary to use skin care products with oil-control functions and gently cleansing the skin. 

3. Boost collagen

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The lower the elasticity of the skin, the more visible the pores will be. To improve, you should supplement collagen from food sources such as salmon, avocado, eggs, honey, soybeans, ... Form a habit of using sunscreen to limit harmful effects from UV rays to the skin, prevent aging process, protect skin elasticity. In addition, the habit of squeezing acne bluffs or using regular stimulants such as alcohol, tobacco also negatively making the skin age faster.