4 Tips for smooth skin and pores

Lâm Quang Triết
Th 3 20/07/2021

After a hot summer, the skin is oily, enlarged pores are not aesthetically pleasing, making the skin look rough, less smooth. This winter is the ideal time to take care of your skin, shrink and smoothen the pores. Let's see with V-Care right away the following 4 tips to get rid of the situation of large pores like a "bomb hole".

Remove makeup daily to deep clean skin

One of the biggest misconceptions people have about cleansing is to only remove makeup or sunscreen.

In fact, in the current state of high environment pollution, just using a cleanser cannot completely clean your skin regardless of makeup and sunscreen. Especially in big cities, the smog is dense, there are always superfine PM (Particulate Matter) particles in the air with a diameter of even less than 2.5 micrometers - that is, 20 times smaller than a pore. hair. Even if you don't walk on the street, just sit in your home or office, these fine dust particles still exist everywhere. With their super-small size, these fine dust particles will penetrate deep into the pores and become trapped in them, leading to a series of skin problems such as clogged pores, acne, enlarged pores gradually over time if not thoroughly cleaned carefully.

So, the first tip to unclog pores and return to their natural size is to remove makeup daily to deeply clean the skin, regardless of makeup or no makeup, with or without sunscreen, outdoor activities or just sitting at home/office every day.

Bijindo make-up remover from Japan is the most effective assistant to help deep clean the skin but still extremely gentle, without causing dryness and irritation thanks to Hyaluronic Acid that moisturizes and soothes the skin. In particular, the exclusive technology of adding natural essential oils from Citrus will penetrate deep into each pore to quickly and easily wash away all dirt, dead cells, excess oil, and residue. make-up ... return the pores and clear skin surface without spending too much time cleaning and rubbing, thus both help limit the friction on the surface that causes skin damage, and saving time. This is also an advantage that makes Bijindo makeup remover superior to ordinary makeup removers on the market. In addition, Bijindo makeup remover does not contain dry alcohol, has no Parabens, no synthetic fragrances, suitable for all skin types, including acne or sensitive skin, suitable for daily use.


Not only in the evening, you can use Bijindo makeup remover to wipe your face instead of morning cleanser or use it at noon to reapply sunscreen.

Use mineral spray to regularly hydrate/moisturize the skin

The second cause of large pores is lack of water or lack of moisture in the skin. When the skin lacks water, it will cause an imbalance of moisture and automatically increase oil secretion to regulate the skin's level. Excessive sebum secretion will stay inside the pores, causing clogging and "expanding" gradually pores. Therefore, instead of using oil blotting paper continuously, which makes the oil-water imbalance, you should spray mineral water to hydrate and rehydrate the skin. Mineral spray focuses on water supply, has the ability to increase skin moisture by 10-20% without creating an oily layer, so the skin is moisturized but not heavy, acne or sensitive skin can all be. rest assured to use. Moreover, the mineral spray helps to quickly reduce the amount of oil secreted, providing an instant feeling of smoothness, cooling and soothing to the skin. By diligently using mineral spray several times a day, your skin will always be in a state of moisture balance, limiting excess oil secretion, thereby opening pores and shrinking pores.


However, it should be noted that mineral spray is only an auxiliary step, not a complete substitute for cream or other skin care steps. Another small tip is to use mineral spray between the steps of the "sandwich skincare" method to help optimize skin moisture without making the face heavy or greasy.

Use gentle chemical exfoliators instead of physical exfoliators

If you are still engrossed in using a physical exfoliator (TTBC) every week and your pores are still large and your skin is still clogged, try switching to a gentler chemical exfoliator, just after 2-3 weeks of regular use, I have seen a change in the skin: pores are open and smaller, skin is smooth, acne reduction ...



Unlike physical scrubs that use only mechanical action to help slough off dead skin cells on the surface, chemical exfoliants use mildly acidic active ingredients such as AHA, BHA to help loosen the skin, binds keratinocytes on the skin, thereby helping to push these dead cells out more easily. Especially with oily skin and large pores, you should choose chemical TTBC products containing BHA (Salicylic Acid) ingredients that are able to penetrate deep into the skin and remove dirt, sebum, and at the same time. Regulate excess oil on the skin, tighten pores.

Note that it is necessary to choose the concentration of exfoliating active ingredients suitable for your skin type, skin condition as well as choose a reasonable frequency of use. For those of you with healthy skin, you can alternate using chemical and physical exfoliants to optimize the skin cleansing effect, or combine using a face wash on days with heavy makeup or going out a lot. Particularly sensitive skin should choose chemical TTBCs with low concentrations that are gentle, suitable for daily use, do not use physical TTBCs with scrub particles to avoid rubbing skin damage.

Bijindo Purifying Essence is a skin care product for oily and acne-prone skin that helps prevent acne and minimize pores thanks to the ingredient containing Salicylic Acid standing in the middle of the ingredient list that exfoliates dead skin cells, purifying the skin. skin, control sebaceous glands. Bijindo Purifying Essence with a clear gel-like texture, after application, immediately melts into the skin and penetrates deep into the dermis to nourish and adjust the skin from the inside, providing outstanding skin care effects, pores are visibly smoother after only a short time of use.

Apply the Double Mask method

Finally, try to do the Double Mask method 1-2 times a week to help double the skin care effect, reduce large pores.

Different from Multimasking - applying many types of face masks at the same time according to different skin areas, Double Mask is a method of masking 2 times (alternating):

Step 1: Apply a cleansing mask. At this step, you should choose mask products with clay or activated charcoal ingredients to help detoxify and deep clean the skin, absorb sebum, "free" pores from clogged dirt, clean the skin and ready to later absorb nutrients many times more.

Step 2: Apply a nourishing mask. The skin after being cleaned is very "hungry" for nutrients, so this is an extremely appropriate time to provide nutrients to the skin, bringing optimal results. At this step, you can choose a mask that focuses on specific skin problems such as whitening, moisturizing, anti-aging, restoring and soothing skin...


The actual effects that can be seen immediately after applying the Double Mask method are smooth, bright and pink skin, tight pores, more elastic skin surface.

Please note that when performing this method: each mask step should only be maintained for 10-15 minutes to avoid the skin being "overloaded". Especially for girls who have too sensitive skin, they must carefully probe by applying each step within 5 minutes, if it is suitable, they should continue to maintain and increase the application time.

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