Moisturizing skin - Find your mistakes before it is too late

Lâm Quang Triết
Th 3 20/07/2021

Knowing the importance of moisturizing, you have worked hard to do it every day. But why is the skin still not smooth as expected? The reason is definitely because you are making one of the mistakes listed below:

Put all your trust in expensive moisturizers

Being familiar with the "you get what you pay for" way of thinking, many girls believe that just choosing the more expensive moisturizers, the effect will be better, regardless of whether the composition is suitable for the their skin or not.

Therefore, the advice for women is to choose moisturizing products based on usage, texture and product ingredients besides a reputable brand.

According to professor of dermatology Peter M. Elias at the University of California, Glycerin and Petrolatum are two ingredients that not only moisturize but also facilitate the recovery of damaged skin cells. Amazingly, these two ingredients are easy to find in mid-range skin care products, economically suitable for the majority of customers.

It is not necessary to buy the most expensive one while looking for skin care products, look for ingredients that add natural moisturizing factors to the skin, most notably is Hyaluronic Acid (HA) thanks to its ability to retain moisture 1000 times more than its own weight.

Skip moisturizer when you have acne

Acne often occurs when the skin has too much oil, creating a favorable environment for bacteria to grow and form inflammatory, unsightly acne spots. That's why many people believe that smooth skin should not moisturize because the more moist it is, the more greasy and sticky the skin will be. But this is a completely wrong point of view.

In fact, keeping pores clear is a very important factor in acne treatment, but skipping moisturizer for the fear of clogged pores is not true. When you do not use moisturizer, the skin feels the lack of moisture on the surface, which stimulates the sebaceous glands to work harder, producing more oil.

Makeup right after applying moisturizer products

This is probably the most common mistake that women make when moisturizing their skin, especially in the mornings when they wake up late and have to quickly get ready to go to work in time. Although I have tried to wash my face, toner, serum, moisturizer and sunscreen, these steps overlap, without time for the product to penetrate, the effect cannot be seen and most typically is less smooth makeup.

The secret for you to fix this is that every morning after applying moisturizer, you should wait at least 3 minutes for the product to fully absorb into the skin, then start applying makeup. This helps your skin to be smoother, makeup to match color faster, brighter and more beautiful.

If you are impatient, the remaining amount of cream on the surface will be mixed into the foundation, causing the layer to become overly moist, quickly drifting, even more oil glands will secrete more to compensate for the lack of moisture on the skin surface.

Just using moisturizer is enough

Just using moisturizer is never enough. That's why there are 5, 7, 9 or even 15 skin care steps per day depending on the condition and needs of each person's skin. If you're taking care of your skin at night, moisturizing is always the last step. If it is a daytime skin care, moisturizing will be the perfect primer for sunscreen to maximize its skin protection effect.

So, remember, basic skin care must have the following steps: Cleansing - Balancing - Treatment - Moisturizing - Sunscreen (for daytime).


Hydration and moisturizing - which is more essential for the skin?

Use moisturizer infrequently

Do not think it is only when you need to wear makeup or when your skin is really dry that you need to use moisturizer. Moisturizers should be used regularly, every day, especially during hot summer days and cold, dry winter months.

The weather is one of the causes of severe moisture loss, so if you don't take care of it regularly, you will very quickly lose your youthful skin and it will be replaced by dry skin. no life left. Age is also a cause of moisture loss because lipid sources are reduced, causing the moisture barrier to gradually lose its function as it should.


You can use any type of moisturizer

Lotions, like other beauty products, cannot be used for all skin types.

The reason is because each skin type has a unique need. In addition to the 4 basic skin types: dry skin, oily skin, normal skin and combination skin, choosing a moisturizer also depends on skin sensitivity levels, acne frequency and aging status. Therefore, choose a moisturizer according to your skin type, if you have dry skin, choose a rich cream moisturizer, if you have oily skin, choose a gel, lotion or serum moisturizer.

Improperly applying moisturizer

Did you know that your improper application of cream is the cause of your skin aging rapidly every day? Not only that, the product's effectiveness will also not be eligible to bring into full play the effect that it is supposed to have.

The best way to apply the cream is to take a pea-sized amount of cream, rub it between your hands before applying it to the skin (or dot enough on 5 places including forehead, nose, chin and cheeks). Start applying from the cheeks in a circular motion first and then to the entire face. Since the cheeks are the driest areas, they should be given priority to apply cream first.

In particular, do not forget to apply the cream to your neck and swipe in the direction from the bottom up to limit sagging skin. This action not only moisturizes the open skin of the neck, but also contributes to fighting the signs of premature aging on the body.

Finally, one thing that you should not forget is to always wash your hands before starting your skin care routine. Hands are the direct contact with facial skin, if hands are not clean, bacteria will spread quickly on the skin through contact with cosmetics, making your skin condition worse.

Moisturizing tips for healthy skin da

The skin always needs to be moisturized, at any time of the year. What you need to pay attention to is how to properly moisturize to ensure the health of your skin.

Always focus on moisturizing the right way – at the right time – with the right method.

No matter what skin type you have, you need moisturizer. Good moisturizing will help the skin barrier function better and reduce sensitivity, flaking, cracking, and control oil gland activity, keeping the skin in the most balanced state.

Night is the great time to apply moisturizer because that is when the skin begins the process of repairing and regenerating new cells. At the same time, at night, our body temperature will be higher, which help the cream to penetrate more and deeper into skin cells, promoting better effects than usual.

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